Kindred Confidence

#kindredconfidence is all about YOU! I'm starting this campaign to inspire women to be more confident in who they are.

With so much negativity in the world, it's easy to doubt yourself and your capabilities; sometimes we need help finding that voice inside of us that screams "YOU GOT THIS!".

Get involved: hashtag (#) kindredconfidence sharing your proudest moments..... Whether it's a selfie because you're feeling like a "boss", or a picture of you with your little one because you made it through the day, or maybe you went the extra mile to reach out to other women to be a part of your community or grow your circle of women supporting women. 

The point is to encourage confidence. So share with us what makes you feel confident! Together we can build each other up by showing each other it's okay to celebrate the little victories that make us all great.

Did I mention we'll be picking one winner a month for a special treat? To enter simply use the hashtag! Use it as much as you want for more entries!

Want to grow your own tribe? Join us in our group Kindred OAK Friends to meet women doing great things and sharing everyday experiences! (Not to mention some great sneak peeks and giveaways)!

Thank you ALL so much for being here; I can't wait for all the greatness to come.